Eczema Comfort Sheet

The eczema sheet comfort is a very comfortable rug featuring extra stretchable shoulder gussets and an insert in the neck for added comfort and moveability. The eczema rug protects the horse against insect bites. The culicoides species especially can cause an allergic reaction with some horses. The use of an eczema rug prevents heavy itches and scratching accordingly. The eczema rug also protects against sun rays. The rug is made from very breathable stretch fabric and features a separate belly flap. 

  • Fabric composition: 100% polyester
  • Material closures: synthetic material
  • Eczema rug with an attached neck
  • Eczema rug of 215 gsm polyester fabric
  • Made from high quality breathable material 
  • This eczema rug is UV-resistant
  • Features a separate belly flap with three surcingles
  • Very good fit

I put this on a friends horse thinking it was going to be impossible to use but was surprisingly relieved that it was not. The horse was totally comfortable with it and pretty much lived in it during the summer. There was plenty of room for her horse to move, bend down, put her head up, whatever and not be restricted. My friend said it was not any harder than a blanket once you got the hang of it and her horses neck and body healed from all the insect bites and she stopped itching. Made for a happy horse and a happy mom.

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Sonia Lotker Banon
Liked it

It is a great fly sheet. I loved that the belly band is large and not attached. I use it for other sheets. I did not like putting the hood over my horses’ head so i cut it at the seem and put velcro along the seem. This made it super easy to go over the head without making the elastic at the neck looser. Yes i would recommend it.

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