Reviews and testimonials for The Dressage Pony Store

 * I bought a halter and splint boots for my Arab "pony" at the Gilroy show.
He's wearing his new halter in the picture!
The neoprene splint boots fit great and haven't rubbed him at all
just wanted to let you know.  thanks for all of the help with the pony gear!
--Amy Miller--  Dressage at Gilroy
 * Thank you for the bell boots! I was shocked to find exactly what I was looking for today in a size SMALL!!  --Anda Washington--  Sport Horse Arabian Half-Arabian Championships
 * Valerie is a very conscientious and compassionate horse owner who saw the need to provide better care and equipment for horse loving folks. Having experienced it herself and spending a lot of money on things that didn't work (those of you who have been there done that know what I mean), she decided to start this business to help others. If she doesn't carry it, she'll help you find it. If you just can't seem to identify the problem, talk to her, she'll help you!
--Olga Bruno--